Recently, Shreenath Veer Mhaskoba festival is being celebrated during the Magh Poornima (full moon of February) for 10 days.

About Shrinath Veer Mhaskoba Festival

  • The name “Shrinath Veer Mhaskoba” refers to one of Lord Shiva’s avatars. 
  • The Shepard community in the western Maharashtra region worships it. 
  • Celebrates Lord Shiva’s marriage (marriage of two Gods: Mhaskoba and Mata Jogeshwari) and lasts for 10 days.
  • The day of wedding is celebrated with the scattering of red paint and flowers all around during the festivities called Bhandara.
  • Celebrated is attended by the residents of Veer village, located on the banks of the Purnaganga river, 50 km from Pune.
  • The festival is held during the Magh Poornima (February full moon), with the final Sunday being the most important day.

About Veer Mhaskoba: 

  • Shrinath Mhaskoba is the Hindu God Shiva’s Kaal Bhairava avatar. 
  • He is also worshipped by the tribal communities of Mhaswad, Borban, and Sonari.

About Kaal Bhairava Avatar: 

  • He is a powerful Shiva manifestation, or avatar, connected to annihilation in Shaivism. 
  • Bhairava is the symbol of Supreme Reality, also known as Para Brahman, in the Trikasystem.
  • As he uses a rod or danda to chastise offenders, Bhairava is also known as Dandapani (one who holds the Danda in hand) and Svasva, which means “whose chariot is a dog” in Hinduism. 
  • He is also known as Heruka, Vajrabhairava, and Yamantaka in Vajrayana Buddhism. 
  • He is seen as a fierce manifestation of the bodhisattva Majur. Together with Tibetan Buddhism, he is admired in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Japan.

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