Recently, scientists theorize that the rotating black holes have a unique feature i.e., a region outside their event horizon called the ergosphere.

About Rotating Black Hole:

  • It, also known as Kerr black holes, possess a remarkable feature known as the ergosphere, a region outside their outer event horizon.
  • Unlike non-rotating black holes (Schwarzschild), which also have an ergosphere, Kerr black holes exhibit a larger and more elongated ergosphere due to their rotation.

About Ergoshere:

  • It is a region that extends beyond the event horizon, allowing matter and light to enter, which potentially escape the gravitational pull of the black hole.
  • It has sufficient velocity, comparable to the speed of light.
  • Within this region, spacetime itself is dragged along with the rotation of the black hole.
  • The ergosphere is its potential for energy extraction through the Penrose process viz. a method for extracting energy and angular momentum from the ergosphere of a rotating black hole.

About Black Hole: It is a place of such outstanding gravity that nothing can escape, including light. They are created when a massive star runs out of fuel to fuse and explodes, causing its core to collapse below the weight of the star.

Event Horizon: It is a sphere that surrounds the central point of a black hole. When something enters this sphere, it is unable to exit unless it travels faster than light (which is impossible).

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