President awarded the prestigious President’s Standard and the President’s Colours award to Indian air force in a ceremony at IAF station, Hindan.

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  • President’s Standard awarded to No. 45 Squadron and No. 221 Squadron
  • President’s Colours awarded to 11 Base Repair Depot (BRD) and 509 Signal Unit (SU) of the IAF.
  • This is the first time in the history of the IAF that four units have been awarded the President’s Standard and Colours together in a single ceremony.
  • Normally, President’s Standards and President’s Colours have been presented separately to Squadrons for the past 25 years of service.

President’s Standard Award

  • The President’s Standards were received by Group Captain M Surendran, Commanding Officer of 45 Squadron and Group Captain Shubhankan, Commanding Officer of 221 Squadron.
  • It is the highest honours award in military it generally awarded to Heavy Cavalry. 

President’s Colours Award

  • The President’s Colours also known as ‘Rashtrapati ka Nishaan’ were received by Air Commodore Ashutosh Vaidya, Air Officer Commanding of 11 BRD and Group Captain Vivek Sharma, Commanding Officer of 509 SU.
  • It is the highest honours award in military awarded to light Cavalry.
  • Indian Navy was the first Indian Armed Force to be awarded the President’s Colour by Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 27 May 1951. 

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