As per Neuralink (computer-brain interface company), the first human has recently received a brain chip implant.

About Neuralink Brain Implant:

  • Its objective revolves around bridging the gap between the nervous system and computers, with a focus on addressing brain disorders, mitigating brain injuries, and various other applications.
  • The primary goal is to empower individuals to control computer cursors or keyboards solely through their thoughts, enabling seamless interaction with technology.
  • The initial beneficiaries of this technology are expected to be individuals who have lost the use of their limbs.

Functioning of the Brain Chip:

Procedure of implantation: The brain chip undergoes placement within the motor cortex of the brain through a minimally invasive surgical procedure, facilitated by robotic assistance.

  • Comprising thin, flexible threads or wires embedded with electrodes, the chip targets specific brain regions to capture neural activity.

Data Collection: The implanted electrodes detect electrical signals generated by active neurons, converting this brain activity into digital data.

  • Subsequently, the chip processes the gathered information, discerning patterns and translating them into actionable commands.

Communication Protocol: Following data processing, the chip wirelessly transmits the interpreted information to an external device, such as a computer or smartphone, utilizing a low-power transmitter.

Through this innovative technology, Neuralink aims to revolutionize human-computer interaction, offering individuals enhanced control and functionality through direct neural connectivity.

About Neurons:

  • Neurons, or nerve cells, serve as the fundamental and smallest units of the nervous system.
  • These cells form intricate neural circuits, communicating rapidly through a combination of electrical impulses and chemical signals, facilitating the transmission of information throughout the body.

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