Recently, the annual festival Gangamma Jatara was celebrated in Tripura, Andhra Pradesh.

About Ganga Jatara

  • It is a seven-day festival starting from May 14 to May 22 this year, postponed by a week due to Assembly and general elections.
  • It is an annual festival that begins with the “Chatimpu”- which is a traditional announcement accompanied by the beating of the drums.
  • Visiting the temple by smearing chalk, sandal, kumkum, and charcoal paste all over the body is a regular practice during the festival.
  • Women carrying the statuettes of ‘Nava Durgas’ accompanied the entourage during the festival.
  • The folk festival is meant to appease the ‘Grama Devatha’ (village deity).

About Gangamma

  • Sri Tataiahgunta Gangamma/Sri Tathaya Gunta Gangamma is the Grama devatha (Village Goddess) of Tirupati town. 
  • She is believed to be the sister of Lord Venkateswara and worshipped as a symbol of ‘woman power’.
  • Deity is believed to hail from Avilala village, the elders of the village brought the “Saarey”, a collection of turmeric, bangles, sari, and other auspicious articles in a procession to the Tataiahgunta Gangamma temple. 
  • Thathayagunta, the tank on which the temple is now located, got its name from a Vaishnavite devotee called ‘Tirumala Thathacharyulu’ who is said to have consecrated the deity in the 16th century.

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