India now ranks 39th in the World Economic Forum’s 2024 Travel & Tourism Development Index.

Key Highlights of the Index:

  • India is the Top Performer in South Asia and among Lower-Middle-Income nations in the latest rankings.
  • Top Countries in 2024 List: The USA, Spain, Japan, France, and Australia are the top five performer countries in this list.
  • India’s Strengths: India excels in price competitiveness (18th position), air transport (26th), and ground & port infrastructure (25th).
  • India scores remarkable rankings in: 
  • Natural Resources (6th), 
  • Cultural Resources (9th), 
  • Non-Leisure Resources (9th), 
  • India is among just three countries to feature in the top 10 across all these resource categories.
  • Despite a decline in comparison to 2019, India still performs well in sustainability in Travel and Tourism.
  • Changes in Index Criteria: India held the 54th position in 2021, but adjustments in index criteria restrict direct comparisons with 2022 and 2023.
  • Challenges Faced by India’s Travel and Tourism Industry: 
  • Impact of global inflationary trends, 
  • the decline in price competitiveness, and 
  • the slow recovery of infrastructure.
  • Overall Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) Score: India’s TTDI score is 2.1% lower than 2019 however high-income economies of Europe and the Asia-Pacific region leading the index.
  • Post-pandemic outlook for Travel and Tourism: Travel and tourism are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels because of lifted travel restrictions and accumulated demand.
  • Mixed Recovery and Operating Conditions: While many economies improved their scores, the overall index remains just 0.7% above pre-pandemic levels.

  World Economic Forum

  • Established in 1971  by the founder Klaus Schwab.
  • It is an International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.
  • Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Travel & Tourism Development Index 2024 is the second edition that evolved from the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) series which has been 

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