DRDO announced the successful flight test of the Supersonic Missile-Assisted Release of Torpedo (SMART) system.

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  • SMART underwent flight testing from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha. 
  • It enhances the anti-submarine warfare capability of the Indian Navy far beyond the conventional range of lightweight torpedoes.


  • SMART is a next-generation missile-based lightweight torpedo delivery system.
  • It was designed and developed by The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) .


  • It is a canister-based missile system and consists of several advanced sub-systems, namely 
  • A two-stage solid propulsion system
  • Electromechanical actuator system
  • Precision inertial navigation system. 
  • The system carries an advanced light-weight torpedo as payload along with a parachute-based release system


  • Launches lightweight torpedoes at long distances (hundreds of kilometers) exceeding the conventional range of such torpedoes.
  • Enables targeting of enemy submarines beyond the operational range of helicopters or maritime patrol aircraft typically used for torpedo deployment.


  • Extends the reach of the Indian Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities. 
  • Provides a crucial advantage in detecting and engaging enemy submarines from a safe distance. 
  • Enhances India’s overall maritime security posture.

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