The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has launched the Sangam: Digital Twin’ initiative to revolutionize infrastructure planning and design in India. 

About Digital Twin Initiative:


  • It aims to leverage Digital Twin technology to create virtual replicas of physical assets for real-time monitoring, simulation, and analysis, thereby optimizing outcomes.
  • It is an unparalleled venture inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from industry pioneers, startups, MSMEs, academia, innovators, and forward-thinkers. 

Technology and implementation:

Digital Twin Technology:

  • Offers real-time monitoring, simulation, and analysis.
  • Facilitates experimental iterations and feedback loops for optimal outcomes.

Two-stage Implementation:

  • Exploratory Stage: Focuses on clarity of horizon and creative exploration to unleash potential.
  • Practical Demonstration Stage: Demonstrates specific use cases to generate a future blueprint for scaling successful strategies.

Technological Integration:

  • Utilizes 5G, IoT, AI, AR/VR, AI native 6G, Digital Twin, and next-gen computational technologies.
  • Aims to break silos and engage in a whole-of-nation approach.

Collaborative Effort:

  • Involves public entities, infrastructure planners, tech giants, startups, and academia.
  • Bridges the gap between conceptualization and realization.
  • Champions a holistic approach to innovation.


  • Reflects global movements towards smart infrastructure.
  • Acknowledges India’s geospatial leapfrog and aims for leadership in digital infrastructure and innovation.
  • Invites stakeholders to pre-register and participate actively.
  • Aim to transform the future of infrastructure planning and design.
  • Practical implementation of innovative infrastructure planning solutions.
  • Development of a model framework for faster and more effective collaboration.
  • Provision of a future blueprint for scaling successful strategies in future projects.

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