Recently, Ola introduced Krutrim, an artificial intelligence (AI) model, which is being hailed as India’s indigenous AI model.

What is Krutrim AI?

  • The name “Krutrim” itself is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “artificial.”
  • It is an intelligent assistant designed to be personalized for your needs.
  • Its purpose is to simplify both your personal and professional life by handling various tasks.
  • It aims to maintain the Indian aesthetic sense and sensibilities.
  • It is built on Ola’s own foundation model, making it truly “Indian at heart.”

Key Capabilities:

  • Multilingual proficiency: Understands and responds in 22 Indian languages, with read capability in 10. This focus on local languages makes it particularly relevant for India’s diverse population.
  • Personal Assistant Potential: Aims to be a personal assistant for users, helping with tasks, information retrieval, and potentially even language translation within the supported Indian languages.
  • Indian Context: Krutrim AI is designed to understand and respond to queries considering the Indian context and cultural sensibilities. This could prove advantageous in areas like product recommendations or search results tailored to the Indian market.


  • Leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to comprehend the nuances of human language used in India, including various dialects and slang.
  • Employs Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to continuously learn and improve its responses based on user interactions. This ongoing learning process is crucial for improving accuracy and factual correctness.
  • Likely utilizes Deep Learning techniques for complex data analysis tasks, though the specific details of the underlying technology are not publicly available.

Criticisms and Considerations:

  • Initial user reports have highlighted issues with accuracy and factual errors in Krutrim AI’s responses. Addressing these concerns through data refinement and improved algorithms is crucial for building trust and wider adoption.
  • Logical reasoning lapses have also been reported. Further development in natural language understanding and reasoning capabilities will be essential for Krutrim AI to handle complex queries effectively.


  • Krutrim AI has the potential to empower Indian users and businesses with AI capabilities, bridging the digital divide and fostering innovation.
  • By providing a user-friendly interface in local languages, it can make AI technology more accessible to a wider audience in India.
  • However, to reach its full potential, Krutrim AI needs to address accuracy and reliability concerns through ongoing development and refinement.

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