Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the iconic Kalaram Mandir in Maharashtra’s temple town of Nashik.

About Kalaram Mandir:

  • Kalaram Mandir is located on the banks of the Godavari in the Panchavati area of Nashik city in Maharashtra.

Temple’s Uniqueness and Architecture: 

  • The Kalaram temple derives its name from a black statue of Lord Kala Ram translates literally to “Black Ram”. 
  • The sanctum sanctorum has statues of Ram, Sita, and Lakshman, and a black idol of Hanuman at the main entrance. 
  • The temple, which is visited by thousands of devotees every day, was built in 1792 with the efforts of one Sardar Rangarao Odhekar. 
  • It is said that Sardar Odhekar dreamt of a black-colored statue of Lord Ram in the Godavari, recovered the statues from the river, and built the temple. 
  • The main temple has 14 steps, which represent the 14 years of Ram’s exile. 
  • It has 84 pillars, which represents the cycle of 84 lakh species that one has to complete to be born as a human. 
  • On the temple premises, there is also a very old tree, with an impression of Lord Dattatreya’s footprints on the stone beneath it.

About Panchavati’s Uniqueness:

  • Panchavati has a special place in the Ramayana and, therefore, in the Hindu religion.
  • Panchavati, a part of Dandakaranya in central India, holds significance in the Ramayana as the initial abode during Lord Rama’s exile.

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