Recently, the discovery of the world’s largest iceberg, A23a, by expedition leader Ian Strachan in the Antarctic seas has garnered attention.

About Iceberg-A23a: 

  • A23a, a tooth-shaped iceberg, is over around double the size of Greater London.
  • After 30 years stuck, it’s now on a northward journey, carrying one trillion tonnes of freshwater.
  • Drifting between Elephant Island and South Orkney Islands, A23a is up to 400 meters thick.
  • Originating in 1986, A23a is the world’s oldest and largest iceberg.
  • Part of a natural process, A23a follows a path similar to other massive icebergs.
  • Anticipated breakup as it enters the Southern Ocean due to warmer waters and larger waves.
  • Dr. Strachan, leading the EYOS expedition, shared insights during a private Antarctic tour.
  • The expedition altered plans due to a bird flu outbreak on South Georgia Island.

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