The Ministry of Culture organised the Global Spirituality Mahotsav at Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Key Highlights of Global Spirituality Mahotsav

  • This event was held at Kanha Shanti Vanam-the, the world’s largest meditation centre.
  • It is the world’s first-ever congregation of various spiritual traditions, interfaith leaders, yoga gurus, and holistic wellness experts.

The Union Ministry of Culture, in coordination with the Sri Ram Chandra Mission and others is organising this Mahakumbh of Spirituality. 

  • Shri Ram Chandra Mission is a spiritual movement with a focus on the practice of “Sahaj Marg” or Heartfulness Meditation.”

About Heartfulness 

  • Heartfulness emerged in the late 1800s in a small town called Fatehgarh on the Ganges River in the north of India.
  • The practices are based on the ancient art of Transmission, a transformative yogic technique, which was rediscovered by Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, who was famously known as Lalaji.

The theme of Mahotsav is “From Inner Peace to World Peace”. It highlights the importance of addressing internal conflicts as a pathway to resolving global issues and promoting peace. Kanha Shanti Vanam

  • It is the world headquarters of the Heartfulness Institute.
  • It offers spiritual training along with interactive programs that promote overall wellness and the opportunity to learn and contribute.

Achievements of Kanha Shanti Vanam

  • In 2019, Kanha was awarded ‘The Pride of Telangana’for inner wellness by Round Table India & Times of India.
  • Green Building Council (IGBC) Platinum award in 2019 for following world-class environment-friendly practices. 

Significance of the event

  • The global landscape is  increasingly marked with escalating geopolitical tensions, unequal development, , intolerance, discrimination and violence based on religion or belief. In this situation, India home to one-sixth of the world’s population is a beacon of hope and enlightenment.
  • Spiritual Mahotsav is both a salutation and celebration of universal values that  bind humanity together.

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