Recently, the inaugural edition of the India-Saudi Arabia Joint Military Exercise, named ‘SADA TANSEEQ,’ has commenced in the desert terrain of Mahajan, Rajasthan.

About SADA TANSEEQ Exercise: 

Members participated:

  • Saudi Arabian Contingent: Comprising 45 personnel from the Royal Saudi Land Forces.
  • Indian Army Contingent: A Battalion from the Brigade of the Guards (Mechanised Infantry) with 45 personnel.

Objective: The primary goal of ‘SADA TANSEEQ’ is to train troops from both nations for Joint Operations in semi-desert terrain, as outlined in Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures: To facilitate the sharing of best practices in the tactics, techniques, and procedures involved in conducting operations within sub-conventional domains.
  • Interoperability: To develop interoperability between the Saudi Arabian and Indian contingents to enhance their collaborative capabilities.
  • Bond and Camaraderie: To foster bonhomie and camaraderie among the troops from both sides, strengthening the spirit of cooperation.

Other Exercises: In addition to ‘SADA TANSEEQ,’ the two nations recently conducted their first naval joint exercise, named ‘Exercise Al-Mohad Al-Hindi.’

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