Recently, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) developed an improvised distress alert transmitter (DAT) with advanced capabilities for fishermen. 

About Distress Alert Transmitter (DAT):

  • Product: DAT is based on NavIC receiver module.
  • NavIC Receiver Module: Supports position determination. Facilitates reception of broadcast messages via NavIC messaging service. 
  • Users: Primarily designed for small boat fishermen. 
  • Functionality: Allows emergency message transmission with position information. Enables reception of information like Potential Fishing Zone, weather alerts, etc.  
  • Utility for Fishermen: Essential for reporting emergencies at sea. Enhances safety by providing relevant information. 
  • Purpose: Improves communication and safety for small boat fishermen.


  • Emergency message reporting from Deep Sea to Control Station. 
  • Processing and display of alerts received at the Control Center (HUB) and dissemination of received emergency information to Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres. 
  • Transmission of emergency position and Distress alerts. 

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