Recently, India held the 93rd position among 180 nations in the Corruption Perceptions Index for the year 2023.

India’s Ranking and Related Concerns:

  • India ranks 93 out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2023. 

The overall score is 39, a slight decrease from 40 in 2022. 

  • It remains below both the Global average (43) and Asia-Pacific regional average (45). 
  • In 2022, India was ranked 85, thus indicating a drop in its corruption perception this year. 
  • India’s score fluctuations are minor, making it difficult to draw firm conclusions about significant changes. 
  • The report highlights concern about the narrowing civic space in India, especially with the passage of the Telecommunications Act, 2023 that poses a grave threat to fundamental rights. 

About Corruption Perceptions Index

  • The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is a tool used to assess and compare the perceived levels of corruption in the public sector across countries and territories. 
  • It is published annually by Transparency International, a non-governmental organization focused on combating global corruption.
  • It ranks 180 countries and territories based on their perceived corruption levels.
  • It uses a scale of 0 to 100, where ‘0’ is highly corrupt and ‘100’ is very clean. 

Other Highlights of the Report:  

Top Performers: New Zealand (3) and Singapore (5) maintain top positions globally in corruption control. 

  • Other countries with strong corruption control mechanisms include Australia (14), Hong Kong (14), Japan (16), Bhutan (26), Taiwan (28), and South Korea (32) 
  • Worst Performers: The bottom of the index includes fragile states with authoritarian regimes, including North Korea (172), Myanmar (162), and Afghanistan (162). 

South Asian Countries: 

  • Pakistan ranks 133 and Sri Lanka ranks 115 in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2023. 
  • Both nations grapple with debt burdens and political instability, but strong judicial oversight helps keep the government in check.
  • Bangladesh also ranks poorly (149) on the Index despite economic growth supporting a continued reduction in poverty and improving living conditions. 
  • This is due to the ongoing crackdown against the press, which hinders the flow of information in the public sector. 
  • China ranks 76 due to its aggressive anti-corruption crackdown by punishing more than 3.7 million public officials for corruption over the last decade.
  • However, the Report raises doubts over the long-term effectiveness of such anti-corruption measures due to China’s heavy reliance on punishment rather than institutional checks on power. 

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