In order to improve process of certification, Central govt notifies Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024.

Key Highlights

  • New rules are fully line up with online certification processes that will enhance transparency, efficiency and ease of doing business.
  • It accommodates the provision of disable friendly accessible features for certification of movies/films.
  • Age based certification in three subcategories which are seven years (UA 7+), thirteen years (UA 13+), and sixteen years (UA 16+) rather existing UA category.
  • Larger participation of women in the CBFC Board & CBFC’s Advisory Panels, Compulsion to have one third women members preferably half shall be women.
  • It Prioritize Screening of films in order to eliminate all discretions.
  • It advocates Perpetual Validity of certificate instead of previous 10 years period.


  • Steps toward making cinema accessible to all strata of society including person with hearing and visual impairment to films.
  • It will promote more inclusive film certification process that will support continued growth of Indian cinema


 The Cinematograph (Amendment) act, 2023 that amended the old Cinematograph Act, 1952.

  • It introduced the Board of Film Certification to certify films for exhibition
  • These certificated may be subjected to modification/deletion.
  • It adds more certificate categories based on age:
  •  Without restriction (‘U’)
  • Without restriction, but subjected to consent of guardian/parent for below 12 years of age (‘UA’).
  •  Only to adults (‘A’), or only to members of any profession or class of persons (‘S’).  
  • The act accommodates the UA category with three sub-category which is age based
  • UA 7+, (ii) UA 13+, or (iii) UA 16+. 
  • This aged based affirmation within UA category by the Board is subjected to guidance of parents/guardians and not enforceable by any other person.
  • Films with an ‘A’ or ‘S’ certificate requires a separate certificate for exhibition on television, or any other media
  • Unauthorized recording and exhibition to be punishable with  jail terms between 3 months to 3 years, fine between 3 lakh rupees to 5% of the audited gross production cost.
  • The certificate issued by the Board is perpetually valid.
  • Central government power to examine and make orders in regarding to films that have been certified or are pending certification transferred to Board of Film Certification.
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