• Border Roads Organisation (BRO) successfully connected the strategic Nimmu-Padam-Darcha road in Ladakh, marking a significant milestone in regional connectivity.


  • This 298-km road will connect Manali to Leh through Darcha and Nimmu on Kargil – Leh Highway.
  • The road is now the third axis apart from Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh which connects Ladakh to the hinterland.


Strategic importance: 

  • The Nimmu-Padam-Darcha road offers a shorter route compared to existing axes and traverses only one pass, Shinkun La (16,558 feet).
  • The commencement of tunnel work on Shinkun La by BRO ensures all-weather connectivity, crucial for enhancing defense preparedness and fostering economic development in the Zanskar valley.

Economic importance:

  • Facilitates smoother transportation, reducing costs for businesses. Enhances trade between Manali, Leh and beyond.
  • Attracts more tourists, boosting tourism-related businesses. Generates revenue and employment opportunities.
  • Improves transportation of agricultural produce to markets. Increases farmers’ income and promotes agricultural growth.
  • Ensures timely delivery of essential goods. Reduces dependency on seasonal accessibility.
  • Integrates Ladakh’s economy with neighboring regions.

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