Recently, Arambai Tenggol summoned nearly all Meitei politicians representing valley areas, including MLAs and Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha MPs, to meet at the historic Kangla Fort in Imphal, Manipur.

About Arambai Tenggol (AT):

  • Arambai Tenggol started as a cultural organization in 2020 but transitioned into a radical group.
  • The group, along with Meitei Leepun, is suspected of involvement in the violent Meitei-Kuki clashes of May 2023.
  • Both groups reportedly grew rapidly in size and acquired armaments during the conflict.
  • They face accusations of violence against Kukis, and Nagas, and even engaging in a gunfight with Assam Rifles.

Meeting objectives:

The politicians were called to discuss Arambai Tenggol’s demands, which include:

  • Removing Kukis from the Scheduled Tribes list.
  • Deporting refugees to Mizoram camps.
  • Fencing the Manipur-Myanmar border.
  • Replacing Assam Rifles with another paramilitary force.
  • Revoking the Suspension of Operations agreement with Kuki militants.
  • Arambai Tenggol leader Korounganba Khuman addressed a large gathering at Khwairamband Ima Market.
  • Various media reports suggest the politicians were made to take an oath and pressured to present these demands to the central government.

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