The 12th Meeting of the Board of Directors of Karmayogi Bharat was held in Mumbai.

Key Highlights:

Platform Progress: The Board acknowledged significant milestones on iGOT Karmayogi platform

  • 1 Crore Course Enrollments: Demonstrates the platform’s success in promoting competency-based learning among government officials.
  • Over 1000 Courses Available: Signifies the growing library of learning resources. .

e-HRMS and iGOT Karmayogi integration allow targeted training recommendations based on an official’s e-HRMS data and role, promoting a shift towards role-based governance.

This integration aims to facilitate role-based governance by matching officers’ competencies with job requirements.

  • e-HRMS: Manages HR (Human Resource) functions like payroll and leaves electronically, aiming for efficiency and transparency.
  • iGOT Karmayogi: Provides online courses for competency-based learning, ensuring officials have the right skills for their roles.

Collaboration with NITI for States Platform: Emphasizes the importance of “SAMARTH” curated programsin capacity building at block and district levels.

New Course Launches: 

  • Three new criminal law codes (Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita 2023, Bharatiya Nagrik Suraksha Sanhita 2023, Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam 2023) and the Digital Personal Data Protection Act reflect commitment to training officials on contemporary issues.

Jan Karmayogi and Gyaan Karmayogi Initiatives: 

  • Jan Karmayogi empowers field officials in implementing key development programs.
  • Gyaan Karmayogi serves as a comprehensive knowledge repository on iGOT, enhancing access to learning materials.

Looking Ahead:

  • Focus on Impact Assessment: Prioritizing evaluation of learning outcomes and platform effectiveness.
  • Content Marketplace Activation: Aimed at sourcing high-quality assessments and content to improve learning.
  • Strategic Planning: Board members provided feedback on presentations outlining future goals of Karmayogi Bharat.
  • Transformational Role: Commitment to move from rule-based to role-based governance.

Mission Karmayogi 

The National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB)- Mission Karmayogi is a large-scale initiative by the Government of India, aims to create skilled civil service rooted in Indian ethos. 


  • Transform India’s civil services into a world-class, citizen-centric workforce equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective public service.


  • Competency-Based Learning: Shift focus from traditional training to competency-based learning, ensuring officials acquire the specific skills required for their roles.
  • Online Learning Platform: iGOT Karmayogi serves as an online platform offering a vast library of courses across various domains.
  • Role-Based Governance: By integrating e-HRMS (electronic HR Management System) with iGOT, officials can be deployed based on their competencies and skillsets identified through the platform.
  • Continuous Learning Culture: Encourage a culture of continuous learning among government officials to keep them updated with evolving policies and best practices.

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