Current context: 

Maharashtra Assembly unanimously adopts bill providing 10% reservation to Maratha community.

  • The bill aims to grant Maratha community reservation in educational institutions and government jobs, based on a comprehensive survey report by the Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission.
  • Previously in 2021, Supreme Court struck down a similar Act that sought to provide reservation to Maratha Community in educational institute, public service commission.
  • The Maratha Community was granted a separate reservation without any extraordinary circumstances, exceeding the 50% ceiling limit of reservation.
  • The Supreme Court’s 9-judge bench in the Indira Sawhney Case (1992) established a 50% reservation ceiling under Article 16(4).
  • Article 16(4) allows the State to provide benefits to backward citizens in public employment, violating Articles 14 and 16 without exceptional circumstances.
  • The court ruled that the reservation criteria under Article 16(4) should not be proportionate representation but adequate representation.

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